“A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity”


Yoga Therapy: Optimal Healing of Body and Mind
We all need healing, at one time or another, whether it is on a physical or emotional level. Often, it is both at once. Through yoga, we have the power to create the optimal conditions for healing our bodies and our minds. (more)

Yoga Alliance: 
Honoring the service of RYTs and RYS community
Krista Wood, RYT 200, from Rockaway, NJ serves as Vice President of Yoga Impact, a non-profit outreach program that brings yoga to under-served communities including jails and homeless shelters, in addition to offering a free weekly community class. (more)

Yoga: How We Serve Diverse Populations
This is an interview with Nancy Candea, who started teaching teens, seniors, expectant mothers and children in Waimea, Hawaii back in 1977.  She opened her studio for a free interfaith devotional, meditation, and dinner on Sundays.  When she moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2007 she worked at the Boulder County Jail, at the SPAN (Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence) women's shelter and outreach center, and also with Special Initiatives, an after-school pgoram for at-risk children and youth. (more)

Preaching Against Bullying, Jan Wright
HAMBURG — The theme of the morning was “Tell someone!” This was the message that retired Hamburg police Chief Jan Wright hoped to instill in the fourth- through eighth-grade students at the Hamburg Public School at an anti-bullying assembly on May 14. (more)

Yoga Impact Teacher, Jan Wright

HAMBURG Jan. 31, 2011 marked the final day of service for one of the area's most well-known police officers, Hamburgs Chief of Police Jan Wright. Rising through the ranks over a 25-year career in local law enforcement, Wright has seen and done pretty much everything a police officer can see and... (more)

In Service

For Rockaway resident Nancy Candea, a typical Thursday afternoon begins with sun salutations at the Morris County Jail. (more)

Morris County Jail Inmates Benefit from Yoga
MORRISTOWN — Nancy Candea checks into Morris County Jail every Thursday afternoon, makes her way through security and gets escorted past the women's...(more)

Surprised by Peace
When I met Nancy I was in a very dark and transitional place in my life.  I had left my life behind to move to a new town, where I married my teenage sweetheart.  A year later, I found myself in jail,...(more) (part 2)

SPAN Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight:  Nancy Candea, EYRT, CYT

For Nancy Candea, passion comes from life and its challenges. As a yoga therapist, teacher and director of Satellite Yoga, Nancy lives by the five points of yoga: exercise, nutrition, relaxation, positive thoughts and following life's bliss. (more)

Boulderites mix athleticism with volunterism
By Aimee Heckel, Camera Staff Writer, 09/15/2009
When you're dangling off a mountain's edge, the bodies below you looking like grains of sand, you can feel very alone. Sometimes that's a beautiful thing. But other times,... (more)